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Fresh 48 Session  -  $250

Includes 30 to 45-minute session, culling and basic editing, full-resolution images, private online gallery, print-and-share release, and an 8x10" mounted print wrap



A Laura Kesler Photography Fresh 48 Session is a 30 to 45-minute photography session done within 48 hours of an infant's birth and conducted at the birth location (typically a hospital).  It is a documentary/lifestyle type of session, with little formal posing or formality.  The goal of a Fresh 48 Session is to document the details, large and small, surrounding your baby's birth, and to capture photos of those fleeting moments at the hospital/birth location before you take your precious one home.  The photos are more candid and I do not handle or pose your new infant. 

Laura Kesler Photography's Fresh 48 sessions are designed to remove the stress of picture-taking from your first day or two with your newest little family member.  I will be there to create your new baby's first professional portrait and to capture candid family moments with your little one.

I deliver your images within one week so that you have them to share soon after birth.

If you are looking for more of a traditional newborn studio portrait experience and photos, you might consider having a newborn session done in the first few weeks after delivery.  While Laura Kesler Photography does not offer these sessions, I would be happy to provide you with a referral to other professional photographers (such as Dawn Rocks Photography) in the area who do.



Laura Kesler Photography's Fresh 48 Sessions are all-inclusive and include all of the following:

  • Photography session at birth location (typically a hospital) within 48 hours of birth
  • Delivery of 1 "sneak peek" image (for immediate sharing!) within 24 hours of your session
  • Culling and basic image editing of remaining images
  • 1-week turn-around time for delivery of your digital images
  • Private online gallery (hosted for 30 days) containing full-resolution, non-watermarked JPEG images from your session
  • Unlimited image downloads during the 30 days that your gallery is open
  • Print-and-share release, permitting you to share your images online and to print them at consumer print labs of your choice
  • 8x10" mounted print wrap of the image of your choice
  • Ability to order prints and wall art pieces from my professional print labs (these can be ordered directly from within your gallery!)



Joint Base Lewis McChord, Lacey, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, and immediate surrounding areas



After you have booked me, I ask that you or a family member contact me as soon as you realize you are in labor, again once you are admitted at the hospital, and one final time when delivery seems imminent.  During this time, I will work with you or your designated family member to schedule my arrival time for your Fresh 48 Session. 

Typically your session will be done the morning after delivery, though it take place at a different time as well (as long as it is within 48 hours of birth and at the birth location).  Again, this is something we will coordinate once you are in labor and/or are admitted into the hospital for delivery.  

Sessions typically last 30 to 60 minutes  During this time, I will document environmental details as well as interactions you and your family members have with your new baby.  I may have one or two photography assistants with me to help hold light reflectors, open curtains and blinds, remove background distractions, and similar tasks.  If for any reason you would prefer that I not bring and use these assistants, just let me know that at the time of booking!  

During your session, I won't be formally posing your infant nor will I be bringing or using studio backdrops or outside "props." 

I am aware that this is an emotional and exhausting time for many moms and I try hard to respect your time and not to overstay my session time.



Within 48 hours after your session, I will have backed up all of your session images and selected four (4) of them for a rough edit.  I will email these "sneak peek" images to you within 48 hours of your session so that you have them to look at and share with others.  Your remaining sessions images will be culled, edited, and delivered to you within 21 days of your session date, and delivered via a private, password-protected gallery.  You are free to share this gallery with others, or to keep it private.  Anyone you give gallery access to will be able to view and download your sessions images, and to order prints and products from within your gallery.  You will have 30 days in which to download your images, which are provided as full-resolution JPEG images without watermarks.  



Some new moms prefer to shower and change into comfy and cute pajamas for their session, but no preparation is expected, requested, or required.  This is a documentary session intended to provide a legacy for you and your new baby to look back on in the years and decades ahead.  Pajamas, hospital gowns, and robes are all part of the birth and delivery experience.  Your new family member likely won't care what people were wearing or what they looked like  - he or she will just be happy and grateful that you chose to have it all documented.  Please do not worry about hair, makeup, clothing, or the room. Relax and enjoy this special time as I capture it through the lens for you!



In order to be as unobtrusive as possible, and to help keep the environment comfortable for you and your new baby, I prefer to use natural window light for these sessions.  Typically I will open all blinds and curtains for the duration of these sessions.  Please note that using only natural light may cause your images to have digital noise or "grain" present in them - but it provides for a more natural and relaxed experience and atmosphere for you and your baby.

Having said that, I do bring artificial light sources for use on dark and overcast days and in darker rooms.  Please note that strobe/flash photography can trigger seizures in those with epilepsy and other conditions.  It is imperative that you let me know beforehand if you, your baby, and/or any other persons present may have any sensitivities to the use of strobe or flash light.



In order to keep your Fresh 48 experience as calm, relaxed, and orderly as possible, I prefer to focus on the baby, parent(s), grandparents, and siblings.  While I am open to including other family members as well, doing so can create a more chaotic environment and impact the quality of your final images - so please give careful consideration as to who you want to be included in your session.  

I will ask anyone not being photographed at the moment to relax outside of the room until it's their turn to be photographed.  This helps keep things safe and calm and to reduce distractions throughout the time that I am there.

Finally, I will ask that family members taking their own photos do so before or after your session.  I request that no other photography take place during the short time I am there, so as to reduce the likelihood of distracting noises and similar things which can negatively impact the quality of you and your baby's interaction and the quality of your final images.



Once your booking is complete, I will note your anticipated due date on my calendar and stay in the immediate area during the 72 hour period (the day before, day of, and day after) surrounding it.  While I may take on other photography jobs during that time, I will not book or accept any work that might interfere with my ability to serve as your Fresh 48 photographer (examples of that include longer weddings and events).

If you are having a scheduled cesarean, my availability should only be affected if I get sick or have an unexpected emergency arise.  In such a case, I will let you know immediately and will promptly refund any payments (including your otherwise non-refundable retainer payment) you have made.  I will also be happy to reach out to other photographers in the area to see if any are available to work with you, though I cannot guarantee another photographer will be able to provide you with a session.

If you are not having a scheduled cesarean delivery, your little one may decide to come early or late.  If this happens, I will try my best to accommodate the unexpected early/late delivery.  If I am unable to do so, I will promptly refund any payments (including your otherwise non-refundable retainer payment) you have made.  I will also be happy to reach out to other photographers in the area to see if any area to see if any are available to work with you - though as noted above, I cannot guarantee they will be able to do so.



AWESOME!!  I am so excited to work with you!!!  =D

The booking process starts with a phone consultation.  Click here to access my calendar and to schedule a call at a time and date most convenient for you!

After we have talked and decided we definitely want to work with each other, I will email you a booking proposal.  Your booking proposal will contain everything you need to complete your booking.

Please note that a 25% non-refundable retainer payment is required to complete the booking process.  While the remaining 75% is not due until 14 days prior to your anticipated due date or by the time that you deliver (whichever comes first), you will have the option of paying early.  Doing so will ensure that you aren't scrambling to make final payment in the off chance you deliver early.


This page was last updated on January 26, 2018