First "Fresh 48" Newborn Photography Session

Since becoming a wedding and portrait photographer in 2015, I've learned that there tend to be "seasons" for various types of photography work. Wedding photography, for instance, tends to peak in the spring and fall, and to fall off during the winter - which provides wedding photographers a few months to catch up, recharge, and explore new niches and genres of interest. 

This winter, I used this hiatus to explore Fresh 48 newborn photography...and I've discovered that I love it!! What a neat and special addition to wedding and portrait photography!!

In early December 2017, in Puyallup, Washington, I provided my first Fresh 48 session. This sweet little girl was born at home with her family, and I was fortunate enough to have been selected by her parents to document a bit of her first couple of days with her new family. Her big brother joined in during the session, and it was a fun experience all around. I enjoyed capturing affectionate moments between Baby R and her parents, fun moments between her and her new brother, and tiny details, such as her sweet little toes!

I love the rawness of Fresh 48 photography, and the more photojournalistic/lifestyle nature of the images that are created. I find these sessions to be much more fun (from this photographer's perspective, anyway) than longer, more formal and traditional studio newborn photography sessions. They are a relaxing and quick "slice of life" session that document those first special moments of a newborn's life, and the wonder of his or her new parents and siblings.

Baby R and family, thank you so, so much for the honor of serving as your Fresh 48 photographer!!  

For information on Laura Kesler Photography Fresh 48 newborn sessions, click here.