Practice, practice, practice...

I have been practicing a lot lately - particularly with studio lights, posing techniques, and post-processing methods.

I am grateful to photographer Raul Ruberia of Raul Rubiera Studios for his willingness to share his beautiful studio space and lighting equipment with me and for his willingness to mentor and teach emerging photographers like me. I spent a couple of hours at his studio on Saturday, practicing lighting setups and experimenting with various lighting modifiers and a new light meter. Here is one of the images I created of my husband extraordinaire during my time there:

On another note, I am happy to say that two people have booked me for photography sessions. They will be my very first clients!!  I am so grateful for their willingness to let me photograph them. It takes a lot of trust to step in front of a camera, especially when doing so with a newer photographer. I will be working hard to make the experience a positive one for them and to create beautiful images to give them as a "thank you" for letting me photograph them.

More to follow!