Laura Kesler Photography LLC | Business Policies


  • Website users, potential clients, and actual clients are required to read and agree to Laura Kesler Photography, LLC's privacy policy and terms & conditions (found here and here) prior to (a) using this website, (b) contacting me, and/or (c) engaging in business with Laura Kesler Photography LLC.  By using this site you are agreeing to its terms and conditions.


  • Laura Kesler Photography, LLC retains its copyright on all images it creates.  However, when clients purchase or otherwise receive downloadable digital images from us (from your sessions or orders), they will also receive a print-and-share release, permitting them to reprint their digital images and to share them with others via email and on social media. Laura Kesler Photography LLC does not not watermark images delivered to clients.  Clients are free to print and share their images within the bounds of their print-and-share release without any attribution to Laura Kesler Photography LLC.


  • Digital images delivered as part of collections, packages and/or a la carte purchases are provided as post-processed JPGs with sufficient resolution for printing at up to 8"x10".  


  • Clients are required to sign a model release in order to receive photography services from Laura Kesler Photography LLC. This is a common practice in the photography industry, and grants the photographer permission to use a client's images in the photographer's portfolio, marketing materials, editorial work, and for other lawful purposes. Having said that, I understand and respect my clients' privacy concerns and will be happy to consider making modifications or exceptions to the release for those with unique privacy considerations.