Laura Kesler Photography LLC | FAQ

Do you have preferred vendors list?

Yes I do!  Click here to view it.

What should I expect if I hire you as my photographer?

-  Portrait & event clients: Give me a call or send an email so that I can answer any initial questions you may have.  Once you decide to book me, you will select a session date and time that work best for you, and have the option of meeting with me before the session for a pre-session consultation. During the consultation (which can be done in person or via telephone), you will receive more information about the photography session itself and tips on what to wear and how to best prepare for your session.  Approximately 21 days (depending on session and package type) after your session, your images will have been curated, post-processed, and posted to a password-protected online proofing gallery, where you can view them, select images for print and download, and choose any additional gifts and items that you wish to.  Final delivery of your prints, digital images, and products will take place in person shortly after that (usually within one week).  

-  Wedding clients:  Wedding photography will generally follow the same flow as the one described above, except that during the pre-consultation you will be asked to provide details with regard to your wedding, the wedding timeline, and other aspects of your special day.  We will discuss your venue as well as any unique things you want me to capture.  Prior to your wedding, I may visit the wedding venue, and if you have a wedding rehearsal, I may ask to attend (wedding rehearsals give me a chance to observe the flow of how things will go on your wedding day, and to note and prepare for any special lighting issues and other issues that will exist during the actual wedding).   

     Within 6 weeks of your wedding, your images will have been curated, post-processed, and posted to a password-protected online proofing gallery, where you can view them, select images for print, and choose any additional gifts and items that you wish to.  Final delivery of your prints, digital images, and products will take place within 30 days after your selection/order/approval.

-  All clients: I typically provide complimentary posting of at least one watermarked image (selected by Laura Kesler Photography) on my business Facebook page within 48 hours of your session.  You are free to tag your image(s) and share it/them with friends and family on social media.

Will I see every single image that you take?

At your session, I will be taking LOTS of photos - more than may be guaranteed as part of your package.  This is in part because some of them may capture closed eyes, unexpected movement, an unexpected change in light, an unflattering pose, etc. These types of images are commonly referred to as "outtakes," and are not included in my client galleries or offerings.  

Can I purchase the RAW files of my images rather than JPEGs?

Laura Kesler Photography strives to deliver only beautifully finished images and products, and therefore I only provide finished JPEGs to my clients.  

RAW files that come straight out the camera without any post processing are similar in some ways to the negatives that come out of film cameras and still require developing.  Laura Kesler Photography processes (or "develops") the RAW files, ensuring that they are properly calibrated for my cameras and lenses, properly exposed, and properly color balanced.  I may also apply noise-reduction, cropping, and other post-processing techniques and effects so that the final prints and digital images have a polished and finished appearance.  Once this has been done, the images are exported as JPEGs in order to fully merge the post-processing effects into the final images for delivery.

Will you be watermarking my digital images?

The digital images delivered as part of packages and/or a la carte selections are provided as unwatermarked, post-processed JEPGs, with high enough resolution for printing at up to 8"x10".  They come with a print-and-share release, authorizing you to reprint them and share them with others via email and on social media.  I retain ownership and copyright on all images I create - but the images you receive as part of your package/purchase are licensed to you for printing and sharing without any attribution to me (although I would certainly be grateful for it if you choose to tell others about Laura Kesler Photography!).

Who does your printing?

I work with a variety of professional print labs and vendors to ensure you receive only high-quality, professionally printed images and products.

You've only been in business since 2015 - can I really trust you with my photography needs?

While Laura Kesler Photography, LLC is a newer business, I am not new to photography. I have been learning and practicing my craft for over five years.  I started learning basic photography skills at workshops and short classes, then graduated to structured long-term classes. In May 2016, I furthermore received my Associates Degree in Photography & Media Arts from Northern Virginia Community College.

I also have graduate-level degrees (JD and LLM) in law and an undergraduate degree (BA) in political science.  Though not directly related to photography, the concepts I learned in these programs have helped me tremendously in understanding and applying the technical, problem-solving, and business aspects of photography.

I shoot with professional level Canon cameras and lenses and I post-process all images on a color-calibrated monitor. The images are then submitted to professional print labs for printing and product creation before being delivered to you.

Lastly, my business values match my personal ones: integrity, attention to detail, service to others, and a strong work ethic.  

Having said all that - if I think your needs would be be better met by a more experienced photographer, I will tell you that up front.  

I opened my photography business because I love creating beautiful images and because I believe I have the skills, education, and competence necessary to provide you with quality photography services and products at a reasonable and fair price. My primary goal is to provide you with a great experience from start to finish, and with high quality prints and products that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

I look forward to the opportunity to be your photographer!